What turns a house into a home? It could be the photos of the family on the wall, the old comfy armchair in the corner of the living room, or the nice rug that makes the area feel cozy. There are many things that make a house a home, but an often overlooked way is the outdoor feature lighting of the house, and of the garden (if you have one).

But how does outdoor feature lighting help turn a house into a home?

Outdoor feature lighting can help create an ambience to reflect the warm nature of your home. It helps make the home feel nice after a long day of work and helps welcome friends and family that may come around. And, it allows you, your family, and your friends to make the most of the outdoor living areas.

Convenience is also a benefit of outdoor lighting. An example of this is if you’re having a lovely Sunshine Coast evening barbeque. When it gets dark, you no longer have to make an annoying number of trips to bring all the stuff back inside, because with outdoor lighting, you can just turn on the lights. The party can continue outside!

A bonus point to good outdoor lighting is that it could help increase your house’s value, if you want to move on to a different home.

Outdoor feature lighting gives your home more charm, but also provides many functional benefits that are often overlooked. Accidents happen and sometimes people trod on the flower patch, or trip over the unforeseen bump in the path. Outdoor lighting will help reduce these accidents and keep your garden in tip-top shape.

Safety of your home increases when you have proper outdoor lighting. It takes out all the guessing and lets you see who is at the doorway, or in the drive. If you’re a worried person, this can help with your peace of mind.

There are so many reasons to install outdoor lighting, but there are some key things that should be considered, and some key things that you should do.

  • The infrastructure should be considered, because easy access means that future maintenance would be easy.
  • Getting the best quality fittings and lights so that they last a long time.
  • Not using the same type of lights throughout – varied lighting helps make the area look more pleasant
  • An experienced electrician to help you plan out what to do, and where to install the lights for the best possible results

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